Jazz Ensemble Audition

Auditions for SSU Jazz Ensembles

  • Jazz Orchestra - Doug Leibinger (MUS 390) W 7:00-9:40 PM
  • Combo 1 - Kasey Knudsen (MUS 391) M 1:00-2:15
  • Combo 2 - Kasey Knudsen (MUS 391) M 10:00-11:15
  • Latin Band - Kendrick Freeman (MUS 379) TH 4:00-6:40 PM


One audition can place you in any of the jazz ensembles. We will ask for your availability and preference on the day of the audition.
All Jazz Studies majors MUST audition for a jazz ensemble.
Other music concentrations and non-music majors are welcome and encouraged to audition.


Faculty Contact

(707) 664-4149

Audition Dates

Monday, August 20, 2018
Green Music Center
Room 1029
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Instrumentalists, download your audition etude here (there is one page specific to your instrument) below. 
This etude is written over the changes to “Lady Bird" - use a play-along to practice!

Bring a play-along CD with a tune of your choice to improvise on (optional for jazz orchestra). We will also sight-read.
Drummers be ready to play various styles - i.e. swing, bossa, samba, afro, salsa, jazz waltz, etc.
Vocalists - please bring two contrasting tunes to sing on play-along CD if possible (you may also use an accompanist.)