John R. Palmer

Musicology Program, Ear Training

John Palmer
GMC 2073

What I Do at SSU

Each and every semester I teach one of the core Music History courses for majors, and in alternating semesters I also teach a seminar on a special topic in the history and interpretation of music. Although my primary charge at SSU is Musicology, I also teach Ear Taining classes, fundamental theory courses and GE courses, such as Music in Society.


My Bio

After completing a Bachelor's degree in music at Sacramento State University, I went on to complete a Master's and Ph.D. at UC Davis. A Fulbright grant enabled me to live in Vienna and study Gustav Mahler's sketches and drafts for his Second Symphony, research that forms part of my dissertation. I have also written and taught courses in popular music, in particular rock music from England in the 1960s and 1970s, and regularly give lectures for San Francisco Symphony and Cal Performances.