Senior Project Requirements

Fill out this form and consult with your advisor. Senior Project Descrtiption Form

If scheduling a recital, please also fill out the Request for Senior Recital Form

The Senior Project is the culminating activity for music majors in the Jazz Studies and Liberal Arts concentrations. It gives you a chance to synthesize all the skills and knowledge that you have acquired. It shows you, your peers, and the music faculty that you have earned your right to a bachelor's degree in music.

Examples of activities that qualify as Senior Projects:

  • Perform a recital (If scheduling a recital, fill out the Request for Senior Recital Form)
  • Use the Wolford Recording Studio to produce a recording of your performing.
  • Teach a student-taught class MUS 199.
  • Give a lecture/demonstration that includes some performance on a topic of your choice.
  • Write original music and supervise a performance and/or recording of it.
  • Write a comprehensive research paper.

You may have an idea for a senior project that does not fit any of the descriptions above. Discuss it with your advisor. It may be a perfectly suitable idea that no one has thought of before.