Project Pauline

An exploration of the life and work of Pauline Viardot in celebration of her 200th birthday. Music by Viardot, her family, and friends, combined with a virtual production of her last opera, Cendrillon.

Watch eight weekly episodes here:

Episode 1 - March 24, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 2 - March 31, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 3 - April 7, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 4 - April 14, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 5 - April 21, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 6 - April 28, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 7 - May 5, 8pm on Youtube

Episode 8 - May 12, 8pm on Youtube


In the spring 2021 semester, the SSU Opera Scenes class celebrates the life and work of Pauline Viardot on the 200th anniversary of her birthday. Viardot was one of the most important singers and composers of her era, and had a monumental effect on the musical life and development of Europe in the latter half of the 19th century.

The opera scenes workshop performs Viardot’s last opera, Cendrillon, as well as other songs by her family and important contemporaries. The opera is presented as a show-within-a-show. In addition to its roles and plot, important figures from Viardot's life, including Maria Malibran, Manuel Garcia, and the composer herself lead the audience through the production and the incidental music associated with the opera. Each student holds a named role, with all students sharing the experience of singing, acting, and production work over the course of the semester.

Project Pauline is a series of eight video episodes released as a podcast on YouTube from late March through early May. At the culmination of the podcast and semester, SSU Opera Scenes will premiere the complete performance of Project Pauline. 

Students gain skills in operatic performance, production scheduling, videography and sound engineering, marketing and publicity, and more in this comprehensive artistic effort. Their creative work will persist online for SSU recruitment efforts, musicological and performance reference by singers and schools the world over, and as a lasting contribution from our students to the understanding and awareness of Pauline Viardot’s importance and artistry in vocal music history.




Pauline Viardot - Kristina Ibarra, soprano
Maria Malibran - Linda Peng, mezzo-soprano
Manuel Garcia Sr. - Michael Coury Murdock, tenor
Johannes Brahms - Noah Evans, bass-baritone
Gioachino Rossini - Chihiro Fujii, tenor
Louis Viardot - Brayden Simmons Ayala, baritone
Ivan Turgenev - Andrew Cedeño, baritone
Manuel Garcia Jr. - Michael Coury Murdock, tenor
Frédéric Chopin - Noah Evans, bass-baritone
Cendrillon - Abbi Samuels, soprano
The Prince - Annie Kessler, soprano
The Fairy Godmother - Jennifer Silvera, soprano
Maguelonne - Lee Patrick, soprano
Armelinde - Linda Peng, mezzo-soprano
Barigoule - Brian Carrillo, tenor 
Baron Pictordu - Liam Daley, baritone 


Scene A.1: Dialogue - Pauline Viardot and Maria Malibran
Scene A.2 - "Habanera” by Pauline Viardot

"Cendrillon" - Prelude, Act I, Scenes 1-5a

Scene B.1: Dialogue - Gioachino Rossini and Manuel Garcia Sr
Scene B.2 - "Son disperato" (Plus d'Esperance) by Pauline Viardot

"Cendrillon" - Act I, Scenes 5b-12 

Scene C.1: Dialogue - Manuel Garcia Sr and Pauline Viardot
Scene C.2: "Floris” by Pauline Viardot

"Cendrillon" - Act I, Scenes 13 & 14 

Scene D.1: Dialogue Louis Viardot and Pauline Viardot
Scene D.2: "La Mésange” by Pauline Viardot

"Cendrillon" - Act II, Scenes 1-IIIa


Scene E.1: Dialogue - Johannes Brahms, Manuel Garcia Jr, and Gioachino Rossini

"Cendrillon" - Act II, Scene 3b

Scene E.2: "Les Cavaliers” by Pauline Viardot

Scene F.1: Dialogue - Pauline Viardot and Frédéric Chopin
Scene F.2 - "Separation” by Pauline Viardot

"Cendrillon" - Act II, Scenes 4 & 5

Scene G.1: Dialogue - Pauline Viardot, Louis Viardot, and Ivan Turgenev
Scene G. 2: "Chanson du Pecheur” by Gabriel Fauré
Scene G. 3: "L’Orage” by Pauline Viardot

"Cendrillon" Act III, Scenes 1 & 2

Scene H.1: Dialogue - Pauline Viardot, Maria Malibran, Manuel Garcia Sr, Johannes Brahms, Gioachino Rossini, Louis Viardot, Ivan Turgenev, Manuel Garcia Jr, Frédéric Chopin

"Cendrillon" - Act III, Scenes 3-6