Chamber Music Season

Welcome to the Spring 2020 Chamber Music season. Here you will find instrumental recitals by students, by resident faculty and guest artists, and by the SSU Brass Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble. The chamber music program is under the direction of Marilyn Thompson.


Written for any combination of two up to about 15 players, chamber music has no boss, no one person directing the sound and shaping the piece. It is a shared responsibility among all the players, alternating in roles of leadership and support as the music requires." —International Music Foundation

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Kristina-singer looking at camera

Voice Program Recital: Song Stream

For the first time ever, the singers of Sonoma State University will stream a recital on Twitch. Move aside gamers, painters, and crafters, these pioneering vocal artists have something to say about the world. Each singer has chosen a song that is in some way contemporary for them. In addition to the themes or musical motifs in their pieces, the performers have produced videos for their songs that illustrate their contemporary nature. The videos and live round-table discussion among the singers will give the audience a clear picture of the vision and style of these talented artists. They are the...View Event Details