John R. Palmer

Musicology Program, Musicianship

John Palmer Headshot
GMC 2045

What I do at SSU:

Each and every semester I teach one of the core Music History courses for majors, and in alternating semesters I lead a Seminar on a special topic in the history and interpretation of music.  I also teach Musicianship, Theory, and GE courses on both Classical and Popular Music, and direct the Rock Collegium, an experimental performance ensemble. 



After completing a Bachelor's degree at Sacramento State University, I earned a Ph.D. at UC Davis.  A Fulbright grant enabled me to live in Vienna and study Gustav Mahler's sketches and drafts for his Second Symphony, research that forms part of my dissertation and a couple of articles I have published.  I have also written on popular music for the Cambridge journal, Popular Music, in particular on Rock music from England in the 1960s and 1970s, and regularly give pre-concert lectures in the Bay Area.